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Wannabe Movie Villains Take Note: Missile Silo Now For Sale

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If you find the Stanley Kubrick classic Dr. Strangelove to be an amusing romp rather than a frightening satire, than this is the home for you. Set on 8.3 wooded acres, just off Interstate 87 and around the corner from the Magic Pines Family Campground in Lewis, N.Y., this decommissioned Atlas nuclear missile silo has been reborn as a funky—albeit windowless—one-bedroom home. Currently listed for $750K, the silo has been emptied of its sensitive equipment, including the frame that once held the missile in place, but banks of switches, ominous red lights, blast doors, and an emergency exit remain. This is hardly the first former silo to come on the market in recent years. In 2011, a similar silo, this one topped with a house, was also listed for $750K, while one a bit farther north, complete with a private runway, tried for $2.3M.
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