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These Incredible Rooms are Actually Made Out of Words

With a mildly terrifying level of precision, Swedish artist Thomas Broomé draws detailed interiors using text, writing out stuttering sets of words that form the pillows, walls, beds, sofas, and mirrors in each of his rooms. Visually cool, yes, but what's more, the work is also designed as a critique of "the way society oppresses our thinking," essentially a depiction of how ads, art, and fashion stir desire via incessant, in-your-face media coverage. In "ModernMantra," Broomé replicates each word until our eyes see not a string of letters but rather the drawing as a whole, a technique that (or so Broomé believes) represents how media clandestinely defines the societal norms that "overshadow existential issues of far greater importance," he writes (PDF). Each piece is part-drawing, part-poem, and 100 percent absurd—but, then again, bringing out the ridiculousness of the media is the point.

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