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Over 100 Ski Resorts Sign BICEP Climate Declaration

Over 100 ski resorts, including Squaw Valley, Killington, and Park City signed the BICEP (Businesses for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy) Climate Declaration yesterday, proclaiming that "tackling climate change is one of America's greatest economic opportunities of the 21st century (and it's simply the right thing to do)." These ski resorts join conglomerates like Nike, General Motors, and Patagonia that have already done so and make up much of the business lobby in Washington promoting action on climate change policy. Out of all those businesses, the ski industry has the most obvious stake in the game (snow continuing to fall), and being upfront and vocal about the effects of climate on their customers is a hugely important step to get action (of some sort, it's non-specific in this letter) done in Congress. Want to see if your home mountain signed up? Click here to find out, and sign up yourself at

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