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Shooting L.A. After Dark, Artist 'Finds Beauty in the Expired'

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Using expired film, L.A.-based photographer Vicky Moon shoots the run-down motels, laundromats, and liquor stores of the city, capturing the battered fluorescent façades as they look not basking in the California sun. "I wanted to shoot at night because I feel that L.A. changes drastically from night to day. There's this quietness that L.A. has when it's dark that is really nice," Moon tells The Atlantic Cities. Zipping around town on her pink scooter and using old duplicating film—film used to make copies of color transparencies, known for its ability to get the details—she photographs architecture that's equal parts buoyant and clunky, bright and dark, loud and quiet. "I find the mundane to be extravagant and I find the beauty in the expired," Moon says in her description of "Expired L.A." "This is my Los Angeles."

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