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Indoor Tennis Court & Track, Or Indoor Shooting Range?

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Despite the copious acreage and limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation most mountain homes we cover provide, a few buyers in the market still want to get their sweat on indoors. Or shoot guns. Recreating would be the operative term here. At any rate, these two particular mansions - one in Aspen's McClain Flats, one in Telluride's Mountain Village - offer particularly outrageous recreation amenities. But which one do Curbed readers like more?

? The Merry-Go-Ranch in McClain Flats, the gladed plateau between Buttermilk and Snowmass ski areas, is rocking one serious fitness facility. While little details are revealed about the property beyond its 21,000 square foot combined size, 7 beds, 6.5 baths, 8-stall horse barn, and $28,000,0000 price tag, we do know that the property has a 13,000 square foot indoor gym featuring an NBA regulation-size basketball court that can also be switched over for use as tennis court, a racquetball court, a weight room, and a second-floor running track.

· Merry-Go-Ranch, Aspen, CO [Joshua & Co.]

? 113 Highlands Way up in Mountain Village has a selection of recreation-focused amenities. Beyond the copious entertaining spaces, art-filled hallways, outdoor waterfall, and a full-scale replica of the Labyrinth at Chartres, France (or simply a crop circle for the less-cultured), this 23,000 square foot Colorado mansion packs a 75-foot swimming pool alongside a bowling alley, a golf fairway and putting green, and a two-lane commercial-grade indoor firing range. That's days and days of family-friendly activities for $18.5 mil! But does the private firing range top the full-size indoor gym?

· 113 Highlands Way, Mountain Village, Tellluride, CO [Telluride Sotheby's]

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