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Do Curbed Ski Readers Care About Condos?

We've featured all kinds of ski town listings since our incarnation into Interlandia, Population Al Gore, last December. But one area of listings we've more or less avoided have been condos. Given that most of them have been popped into place with fairly uniform aesthetics, they don't often carry the caché of the buildings on some of Curbed's city sites. But what the heck, we figured we'd see if you Curbed Ski devotees are interested in them. They still let you live in ski country, after all.

This particular unit resides in Park City's Park Station development, and is walking distance to Main Street as well as the Town LIft up to Park City Mountain Resort, which sits just a block away. It's an 1,158 square foot 2 bed, 2 bath that's open to pets and comes pre-furnished and with one parking spot. It's got some relatively interesting interior elements (exposed brick, clean kitchen lines), and could probably make enough money as a Sundance rental to pay for 6 months of the mortgage. It jumped onto the market a week and a half ago for a little under $350K.

What do our readers think? Yes? No? Definitely not? More condos? Let us know in the comments...

· 950 Park Avenue, #125, Park City, Utah [Summit Sotheby's]