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Yes, This Spaceship/Waterfall/Raygun is Actually a Prison

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Considering that we live in a world where (1) skyscrapers look like cruise ships, pipe cleaners, jelly fish, and half-eaten volleyballs, (2) architects chew up and spit out ridiculous, never-going-to-happen renderings like they're Fruit Stripe gum, and (3) prisons around the world are getting rather remarkable architectural treatments, it really come as no surprise that somebody has dreamed up a penitentiary that looks (and here come the outdated geeky references) like the Starship Enterprise and/or Flash Gordon's raygun. The Hydroelectric Waterfall Prison, which UK-based designer and architect Margot Krasojevic proposed to perch above Pacific Ocean off the Canadian coastline, is essentially a prison that also produces power. See, not only does the suspended spaceship hold prisoners, it also stores some 12,000 cubic meters of water that get dumped onto floating turbines in the ocean, which, through the magic of science, somehow gets turned into energy.

Here's how the architect explains it:

"Floating Tyson turbines turn a shaft when water falls onto them, powering an electrical generator housed housed within the primary concrete structure located in the artificial cliff-side. Underwater cables run the electrical power to the mainland." See? Simple.

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