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Here's a Greek Home Sculpted Like a 'Strip of Earthy Crust'

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Poking out of a scrubby, green-gray plot in Attica, Greece, is House in Sikamino, a contemporary stone shard Greek firm Tense Architecture Network created to resemble an "elevated strip of earthy crust." The home's loveliest feature is its 200-foot rhomboid roof made of exposed concrete; the ramp is "born from and returns back to the ground" and forms the surface for a garden of blooming lavender, thyme, and helichrysum—which is good, considering a rooftop garden is now practically a non-negotiable necessity for the rich and eco-stylish.

Not totally unlike the contemporary fire station that juts out of a cliffside in Tuscan Italy, the house, which was nominated for this year's Mies Van der Rohe European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, is crisp and sculptural, but also strangely rugged—it looks like it's been there for eons.

· House in Sikamino by Tense Architecture Network [Arch Daily via Design Boom]