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This Guy's Cityscape Paintings May Make You a Bit Queasy

Italian painter Fabio Giampietro has a bit of a thing for surrealist, black-and-white cityscapes, so it seems. His "Vertigo" series, spotlighted recently on My Modern Met, is a colorless view from a city's tallest tower, with glass, brick, and steel buildings curving toward the edge of the canvas, a stomach-dropping vantage that casually shoves the onlooker over the safety rails. His other works (below), including those for his "Metromorfosi" (a mashup of the Italian words for "metropolis" and "metamorphosis") and "Il Cielo Sopra Milano" ("the sky over Milan") series, offer equally trippy city views, all rendered in oil on canvas, all painted largely without color, and all very clearly awesome. Have a look.

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