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Will Park City Close Next Season?

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For the second year in a row, Park City is selling season passes that come with a bit of a catch: the mountain may be closed for part of all or next season. Last spring, the resort sued their landlord, Talisker Corporation, over a dispute surrounding the renewal of their lease, and while a judge has tossed a few key points of the case, it's still active, and just like last year, PCMR passholders have been warned that if the resort loses the legal battle, the mountain being closed for part or even all of the season, in which case they will get a pro-rated refund. When this happened last spring, Talisker, which owns nearby competitor Canyons Resort, issued a written statement assuring PCMR that they would not force them to cease operations. Park City's likely hoping for similar assurances for their 50th anniversary next winter.

The lawyerly face-off between two giants of the Utah ski industry arose when Talisker demanded that PCMR enter into new terms on its lease instead of perpetuating its existing lease, in which Park City leases about 2,800 acres from Talisker for a paltry $155,000. For comparison, the Canyons leases about 4,000 acres from Wolf Mountain Resorts for $3 million a year. Starting in the 1960's, Park City had leased its land from United Park City Mines until Talisker bought them in 2003, while the lease remained essentially unchanged since 1971. It's not clear how exactly Talisker would want to re-write the terms, although the two parties had been negotiating for three years before Talisker informed Park City that their right to lease the land had expired in late 2011.

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