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Sandpoint Lays Out Future Bike Path System

Sandpoint city council approved the final route designs for Explore Sandpoint, a series of interconnected biking and walking paths that were designed in conjunction with the downtown street redevelopment. They will be color coded and will include a central yellow route that will go East to West along Oak Street, an orange route that will roll down Larch and Lake streets as well as Third and Division avenues to provide a loop around the city that will also connect to some of the larger residential neighborhoods, a blue route connecting to City Hall and other municipal buildings, and a purple route along Boyer Avenue to access the northern limits of Sandpoint.

A green route multi-use path will go in from Travers Park to Fifth Avenue, while a final as-yet-unnamed connection with go from Division Avenue to Baldy Mountain Road and then onto Great Northern Road. From Great Northern, it will then go from Woodland Drive to North Boyer Avenue, hitting the road up to Schweitzer along the way. Bike lane markers will be put in along much of the route along with the color markings, while sections of Oak Street might see bike lanes added.

· City ponders system of bike trails [Bonner County Daily Bee]