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Buffalo Honey Bees Move Up to Shimmering Skyscraper

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Concerned by declining bee populations, students from the University at Buffalo have turned to a solution inspired by hyper-dense human cities: the skyscraper. The shiny metal tower features perforated panels that allow bees to populate the 22-foot structure, while staying safe from predatory birds and, for that matter, human disruption. The bees, which had formerly been living behind the boarded up windows of an abandoned factory, are visible to visitors through a plexiglass portal at the base of the structure, while the hive can be raised and lowered using a series of pulleys. The bee skyscraper sits adjacent to the Buffalo River on a neglected industrial park formerly populated by little more than abandoned silos. Take a look inside the beekeeper's dream apiary, below.

· Skyscraper for bees by University of Buffalo students [Dezeen]