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Snowmass May Become Part of UN Climate Change Group

Snowmass Village officials are pondering becoming part of the United Nation's Mountain Partnership, a collection of high-alpine communities around the world that include nearby Basalt as well as Telluride and Park City and which has been set up to spread awareness about the future impacts of climate change on alpine communities. The program's interim director considers mountain communities like Snowmass Village and Aspen a "water tower," providing up to half of all freshwater worldwide, and says that they are also extremely vulnerable to the impacts of global warming. According to the Aspen Daily News, the town won't have any financial commitments in the deal but would be expected to work with other communities in the collective.

In other related news, the Rocky Mountain Sustainability and Science Network is also considering moving a summer science academy from their current cramped home in the Jackson Hole area to Snowmass Village, where a range of ice-age fossils were found about Ziegler Resevoir in recent years and which will allow students to see in person evidence of changes in the Earth over millenia. The idea is still in concept phase, according to those close to the project.

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