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Meeks Bay Home: Just Keep Your Attention On The Lake

If you really want to drop a million dollars on this 70's-vintage 4 bed, 4 bath sitting high above Lake Tahoe's Meeks Bay, we suggest you keep your focus on the lake views. Spend too much time inside and it'll feel like a bad investment, or a scene from whichever 80's movie gave you the worst nightmares. Curbed might appreciate that the electric blue couches in the living room match the reprinted art on the walls, but they both got to go. Why are there almost no windows on the vaulted wall in the living room facing the lake? We appreciate that the former owner's entire catalog of National Geographic issues is in the downstairs den, but we hope they take that with them. And as much as we love Reagan-era interior design, we're not sleeping in a master bedroom that has a fireplace surrounded by a giant mirror.

Keeping all this in mind, any potential owner will want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the views of Tahoe from their new 11,325 square foot West Shore escape's three decks, or by taking the short walk to the beach at Meeks Bay, whose tropical combination of white sand and turquoise-blue water will help you forget you ever bought a vacation home with so much refuse from the 80's in it. Maybe house-wide interior recycling is availabe in the $1,075,000 list price?

· 393 Sunnyside Drive, Meeks Bay, CA [Coldwell Banker]