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Park City's Silver Queen Hotel Undergoes Major Reno

[New balconies will be installed, among other interior renovations. Rendering via Elliot Workgroup]

Ken Abdalla, a former investment banker from Southern California, began snapping up Main Street corner properties in Park City during the recession, and as part of his renovation plan for much of his new real estate, is now turning the interior of the Silver Queen Hotel, one of three corner properties Abdalla owns at the intersection of Main Street and Heber Avenue, inside out. Much of the interior, from the condominium-style suites to the first floor commercial space, has been gutted in order to make room for a complete redesign.

On the outside, new balconies will be added to the second and parts of the third stories, while a dual penthouse suite will be added to the roof along with a fully landscaped roof deck. Abdalla expects construction to be done by the fall, at which point he will re-open the Silver Queen as a hotel. After that, he may consider selling the condos as individuals apartment units. Unfortunately, no interior renderings were available at press time, but here's to hoping they don't continue to break down their accommodation options into mountain, Asian, urban, and "whimsical" suites.

· Major renovation of Main Street hotel underway [Park Record]