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Telluride Ski Resort Buys Its First Hotel For $4.5 Mil

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The Telluride Daily Planet is reporting that Telski, the entity that owns and operates Telluride Ski Resort, has recently bought the slopeside Inn at Lost Creek for $4.5 million. The Inn will be the first hotel the resort has owned and operated, and is part of a larger effort to shore up the bed base in Telluride (although the Inn is up at Mountain Village). Curbed earlier reported that Telski CEO Chuck Horning declared that Telluride's future prosperity was in being "A guest economy, not a real estate economy,"
and this hotel buy seems to fit the bill of that transition, as one of the bidders for the Inn had plans to turn the place, which sits in the core of Mountain Village, into a private compound. The Inn at Lost Creek has 32 units ranging from studios to two-bedroom condos, and will re-open under the new ownership on May 24th.

· TelSki drops World Cup event, buys Inn at Lost Creek [Telluride Daily Planet]