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Get Your Ski Fix Grass Skiing This Summer!

Say what now? Yes, that's right, grass skiing! A sport in which two sets of tiny tank tracks replace cambered skis and grassy lawns replace snow, and which in fact is practiced enough (somewhere) to have its own championships. There's even a North American manufacturer, Grass Ski USA. Better watch out for your knees, as those bindings don't look like they release, not to mention the surprisingly high speeds the racers in the above video manage to ski at on them.

Mid-Atlantic readers will be pleased to know this niche activity has a venue or two for it in Virginia, which also hosts the Liberty University Snowflex Centre, which is basically a dryslope made of plastic bristles with jumps, rails, and even tubing! It's a perfect venue for off-season training if you can't find a glacier or make it to South America, unless of course you can't deal with the heat.

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