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Even When Empty, Old, Opulent Euro Interiors Ooze Splendor

Photos courtesy of Massimo Listri

For the past 30 years, Italian photographer Massimo Listri has taken to capturing the color-drenched, detail-laden interiors of some of Europe's most grandiose interiors, providing vivid (and tourist-free) peeks into the Division 1 decathlon of Old World frills. Take for example, the "white salon" in Florence's Palazzo Pitti (above), where gold-encrusted chandeliers drip from ceilings plated in innumerable sculpted garnishes. Though lavish, his subjects—museums in Florence, palaces in Austria, abbeys in Germany, and more—are oddly quiet; Listri calls his work "an expression of tranquility and silence in this chaotic society—a sense of perspective and equilibrium." Ah, lovely. Photos above.

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