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Inside the 'Greenest' House in New Orleans' French Quarter

Photos by Eric Piasecki/Architectural Digest

In the May Architectural Digest: the green trellised interiors of a historic New Orleans home bought and renovated by Peter Rogers, an extremely successful Mad Men-era ad guy. "Anybody else would have moved in immediately," Rogers, who came up with Vidal Sassoon's slogan "If you don't look good, we don't look good," among others, told AD. "But when I go anywhere new, it has to become mine." For his "historic Creole cottage," Rogers' signature stamp happened to mean coating his double-height dining room in garden trellis and a very precise shade of Kermit green, the color of Rogers' favorite linen fabric (the upholstery, above). "Ever since I first visited Villa Trianon"—a glamourous residence near Versailles—"I've wanted a treillage room," Rogers said. "My friend [fashion designer] Adolfo told me, 'Now that you are moving to New Orleans, it will be the perfect place to have one.'"

Inside the historic French Quarter home: objects AD says "recall the Louisiana bayous," including a heron painting by Simon Gunning, plus a cocktail table that "once belonged to actress Claudette Colbert" in the living room, a large self-portrait and llama side tables in the master, and scads of black-and-white tiling in the kitchen. Have a look, above.

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