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Campana Brothers' Latest Masters Kindergarten Baroque

The Campana Brothers, design it-boys known for their super-innovative, super-expensive furniture and home accessories—a hemp rug the the price of a Volvo, anybody?—have unveiled their latest collection, furry pieces jazzed up with a mash of gold and bronze trinkets in the form of tiny crocodiles, birds' wings, keys, vines, flowers, and more. While the Brazilian Baroque collection, shown at David Gill St James's gallery in London until June 15, is undeniably a kind of high-brow nod to the cacophonous, the metal details—on the chair legs, sofa bones, and lamp "shades"—are smushed together in a somewhat friendly-looking, kindergarten-chic sort of way. Plus, the stuff is just totally bonkers. Detail shots, below.

· Brazilian Baroque by the Campana Brothers [Dezeen]