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June Lake Celebrates Being A Part Of Tom Cruise's "Oblivion"

The Mammoth Lakes premiere of Tom Cruise's new sci-fi thriller, "Oblivion," laid out the rep carpet (literally) because Mono County was one of the filming locations for the film, along with Louisiana, New York City, and Iceland. Black's Pond, a piece of private property along the June Lake Loop road, served as the set for Cruise's character's personal retreat on a post-apocalyptic Earth. The film was handled by the relatively new director Joseph Kosinki, the one who did such a stellar job bringing Tron back to life and who wins some praises from The Sheet's movie critic, who deems the film the best of the three recent sci-fi films Cruise has been in, which also include War of the Worlds and The Minority Report.

According to The Sheet, beyond hosting film locations, locals also played parts as extras and helped out as assistants on set. The relatively extravagant Mammoth premiere was a way to celebrate all their contributions to the film.

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