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Inside the 'Versailles of Los Angeles Marijuana Clinics'

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With Measure F—the "Medical Marijuana Collectives Initiative Ordinance"—being put to public vote on May 21 in Los Angeles, Vice tours the magical, mystical world of the city's most beautiful pot clinics, storefronts facing a "constant threat of raids and total shutdown, years of stressy politics, infighting, and a host of thug-life problems associated with selling a product that was until recently only available on the black market." Still, there are those that dare to venture beyond "bad lighting and bulletproof glass," writes Kerry McLaughlin, including an East Hollywood clinic (above) that's "the Versailles of Los Angeles marijuana clinics, complete with chandeliers and about a zillion gilded mirrors." (Even pot clinics are not immune to jumping on the Versailles bandwagon, it seems!) Another, below, is a "charming, nook-heavy hash bar" where "everything you see is from Craigslist and is reupholstered with Duct tape every six months."

· Exploring the Interior Designs of Los Angeles Weed Clinics [Vice via Curbed LA]