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Here Now, Tour the 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

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Photos by Will Femia

This week marks the grand unveiling of the 41st annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House, the granddaddy of design events that imports truckloads of big-name interiors talent; this year, the roster includes Kathryn Ireland, Sara Story, and Christopher Peacock. Eighteen designers had reign over the raw interiors of a 5,640-square-foot, five-floor Federal-style mansion on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Even with interiors as diverse as Ireland's old English-inspired master bedroom, Garcia/Maldonado's clubby lounge suite, Jack Levy's moody study/sitting room, and Andrew Suvalsky's high-gloss entryway, the commonality was clear: dramatic, vivid—and wacky, at times—spaces with an ample dose of color and contemporary art. Intrigued? Better start saving those pennies: Richard Sharp, the owner of the house, which boasts a private courtyard and a two-story atrium, will put the limestone pile on the market once the show closes June 4. What's more, according to the Times, Sharp, a partner in a major NYC-based law firm who bought the property for $6.58M in 2003, has convinced Levy to keep up that fabulous fish wallpaper. Above, a full tour.

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