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This Epic St. Petersburg Palace Carries Unknown Price Tag

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A rare historic palace on St. Petersburg's famous English Embankment has come up for sale and is sure to attract interest from some of Russia's newly minted billionaires. The only trouble? The price is so high, it is only available upon request. Recently used as bank offices, the 18th-century palace was built for "Duke Trubetskoy, one of Peter the Great's favourite companions" and was passed down through the noble generations until the property was nationalized in 1917. Now restored with input from conservators at the Hermitage and State Museum, the commodious house has been returned to its original use as a single-family mansion for Russia's ruling class. The 39,000-square-foot structure features 22,000-square-feet of preserved historic interiors, including an "Armoury Gallery, the Hunting Room, the White Hall, the Knights Hall" and the especially ornate "Gothic Hall."
· PALACE ON ENGLISH EMBANKMENT [Sotheby's International Realty]