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Sotheby's To Unleash Its Agents On Downtown Jackson

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Now that Sotheby's has been named as the listing agent for the 10 acres of Forest Service property at 340 Cache Street - the largest plot of undeveloped land currently in existence in downtown Jackson - the revered auction house is preparing to activate its army of 11,700 agents and its 590 international offices to find a buyer. According to the Jackson Hole Property Guide, Sotheby's is listing the property, part of the Bridger-Teton National Forest headquarters, at $11.55 million, and will "saturate 590 offices with marketing material," including a brochure for the property at the front desk of the auction house. According to the article, the property's "closeness to downtown Jackson and wide, unobstructed views north and east across the elk refuge will attract buyers." That, and the shed huntin'!

· Selling price for B-T land is set at $11.55 million [Jackson Hole Property Guide]
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