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Lovely Office of the Future May Have 'Courtyard Insertions'

Spotted recently over at Design Boom: a beautiful, two-story "groundscraper" imagined by the Hong Kong-based architecture firm Cheungvogl. Looking to design a structure that would be seen as "an integral part of the field that hovers over the ground," (the project description is filled with such poetry) Cheungvogl designed a low and expansive structure dotted with "courtyard insertions," pretty, glass-encapsulated trees that spring up every 20 meters (about 66 feet) like giant cloche terrariums. The undulating campus office, aptly titled Campus Office, would also incorporate wide lawns just right for employees to "contemplate or work quietly in shaded areas with natural sunlight filtered through tree leaves."

It's unclear if Cheungvogl has an actual, bona fide client for this project, proposed to slink just outside of China's financial center, Shenzhen. Either way, it's a beautiful building and, compared to some of China's other, more innately insane future projects, actually seems like it could be useful to some tech giant or other. Hear that, Google? Some slides and "communication landscapes" would look mighty fine in there.

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