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Watch a Guy Climb the Tallest Manmade Structure on Earth

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Earlier this year, Joe McNally stood on Dubai's 2,722-foot-tall Burj Khalifa and snapped a photo, essentially a rare look straight down from the tallest manmade structure on Earth. Thankfully for those who can't get enough of superhuman feats atop superhuman structures, the National Geographic photographer has just released a behind-the-scenes video of the undertaking. "I've been a big fa always of getting my camera in a different place and just trying to seek the unusual vantage points," he says, adding that the Burj possesses "a beauty and an allure to it, which is also part of the reason why you just want to go and climb this thing and get to the top of it and see what the mystery is all about and what the view might be like from the tallest manmade point on the planet." Below, watch McNally take an elevator ride to "Level 160"—"the last concrete floor of the building"—ascend a terrifying-looking series of metal steps, and finally emerge on the tip.

The Video:

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