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A Look Inside Girls Star Jemima Kirke's Childhood Bedroom

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Elle Decor recently unearthed this 1997 spread highlighting the scrappy NYC home of Lorraine Kirke, an English designer and, more interestingly, the mother of actress Jemima Kirke, who now plays Jessa on Girls. The spread features a shot of 12-year-old Jemima's room, complete with all the 1990s touches one could expect, like navy gingham curtains and turquoise walls. Also in the room: a dollhouse, acoustic guitar, and Jemima herself, dressed in a cable-knit sweater and giant banana clip de rigueur. A few more shots, below.

From the article:

"'I also hate perfection. Nothing in this house is perfect, and that's what i love about it,' [Lorraine Kirke] says, touching a hole that the movers made in a flower still-life hanging in the hall—thankfully not one of her treasured Jacqueline Marvel paintings. And while her sense of humor might have trouble finding a ready audience ('Doesn't it just remind you of blood?' she wonders about the deep-raspberry color of her bedroom. 'So comforting'), she's certain that she can win over even the most reluctant client. 'I can change their minds,' she says. Stand warned."

· Tour Girls actress Jemima Kirke's childhood home. [Elle Decor via BuzzFeed]