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Behold: Aged Interiors Like Scenes of Epic Fantasy Novels

Fiddling with HDR is tricky (and too often migraine-inducing) business, but Matthias Haker seems to have it down pat. By fine-tuning the sharpness and saturation of his shots of abandoned buildings, Haker is able amp up the Disney factor of the decrepit structures that fascinate him, portraying enchantment and color where there is normally just collapsing ceilings and sun-cracked paint. Like the work of other urbex—"urban exploration"—photographers, the Dresden, Germany-based artist's "Decay" series—buy the prints on Deviant Art—revels in lavish interiors, the more untouched the better. In fact, that's the reason why Haker refuses to let people know the location of his "beauties;" to protect the places from attracting vandals or looters, he doesn't "give any infos about the location (not even the country) or history about them," he writes. "No exceptions."

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