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In Maine Ski Towns, New Hot Tubs Warrant Press Releases

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Man, what passes for news in ski towns is one thing. But what passes for news in ski towns in Maine is a whole 'nother level. The first line of a May 30th press release from Sugarloaf announced that nearly $3 million in off-season improvements would result in "new snowmaking technology, continued terrain expansion, and a new 30-person outdoor hot tub at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel." Stop the press - a hot tub?!? Yes, one of those wild amenities no one North of Boston has seen since John Cusack was in Hot Tub Time Machine making us all wish we were watching Better Off Dead.

Understandably, Sugarloaf's VP of Lodging, Karl Frost, is excited about the new $240,000 tub, which can fit up to 30 people from Boston with bad accents and Bruins tattoos. "Extremely excited," according to the press release. In fact, he's pretty damn sure this new "water element" will become "an iconic Sugarloaf attraction." To be sure, they're doing some other stuff with that money, too: new glades will be cut on Burnt Mountain, the 45 North restaurant and the base lodge will be renovated, and 200 new low-energy snowguns (to offset the energy used by the hot tub) will be installed. But the hot tub!! Boy, we can't get enough of it. This should inspire some office jokes over at Jay Peak.

· Following record-breaking winter, Sugarloaf announces $2.9 million in offseason improvements [Sugarloaf]