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Heavyweight Realtor Seeks Injunction Against Former Employer

According to a story in this morning's Aspen Daily News, heavyweight Aspen broker Gary Feldman has sued former employer and partner Joshua Saslove, founder of Joshua & Co. Feldman is seeking an injunction against Joshua & Co.'s use of ads Feldman allegedly paid for to advertise $80 million in listings he held at Joshua & Co. before being fired in May. Joshua & Co. is also allegedly preventing Feldman from transferring said listings to his new employer, BJ Adams and Co. Feldman's attorney maintains that when his client agreed to shake hands with Aspen's most successful broker back in 2007 and come on as a managing partner, part of the deal was that he'd be able to retain his clients and properties if the partnership dissolved. The lawsuit maintains that after a February 2012 meeting in Palm Beach Florida between the pair to discuss their working relationship, Joshua & Co. denied the existence of the original partnership. The plaintiff alleges he was fired because of trying to enforce the existing deal.

Feldman sold the $26 million Popish Ranch near Snowmass Village on behalf of movie producer Sandra Lloyd to Harvey Armstrong back in 2007 during his first year at Joshua & Co., while then-partner Saslove sold the infamous Hala Ranch, then the property of Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan to hedge fund star John Paulson for $49 million. Joshua & Co. is currently the listing agent behind late hot dog magnate John Galardi's Meanwhile Ranch we talked about last week. Feldman also maintains he is owed the commissions on several pending closings, and is also seeking $100,000 in damages. Lets just hope the two never ask for the same reservation at Matsuhisa this summer...

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