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Starbucks Draws The Ire Of Jackson's Localism

The gripes about Starbucks' fall opening in Town Square in Jackson continues. Some malign Town Council for letting in a second chain after Walgreens, as in "WTF? Jackson Town Planners?!?! Seriously. Walgreens and now Starbucks. B/c we really need those chains right? They just fit right in with the LOCAL folks who already serve up great coffee," while JH Underground pointed out that a number of chains have come and gone from Town Square ( J. Crew, The Gap, KFC, Arby's). Others offer examples from regulations that have kept the character of places like Stowe and New Orleans intact (for tourists), while others malign Jackson's long-ago loss of authenticity.

· not the buzz Starbucks hoped to generate [JH Undergound]