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Ridiculously Charming Craigslist Ad Boasts a 'Yardtopia'

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Renting for $250 a month in Baltimore: a bedroom with "so much room for activities," a shelf of "inanimate friends!" and access not only to the attic "full of secrets," but also the "scary basement," "yardtopia," and the kitchen with "all the stuff!!" Naturally, the enthusiastic, illustrated ad is posted on Craigslist—Jezebel calls it "the cutest Craigslist ad of all time"—and paints the dining room as "a spacious and cultured arrangement, full of books no one in this house has actually read. Enjoy your meals at our vintage 70s Astro-chic dinette; dine in pure style and luxury, because you're worth it." Also: "Wow, what an unassuming exterior! A self-perpetuating solution to home security!"

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