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'The Ideal Nantucket Experience' Will Cost You $3.6 Million

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This Shawkemo listing recently hit the market and according its description, "Every detail has been carefully thought out and result in the ideal Nantucket experience." Sited high on North Pasture Road with views of the Moors and Nantucket Harbor, the property features four bedrooms, five and a half baths, a living room with fireplace, four separate seating/dining areas (useful when hosting guests with airborne food allergies and/or during family feuds), a bar area with a wine cooler (the refrigerator kind, not Bartles & Jaymes) and ice maker, a custom kitchen, a "large deck with an awning, outside lighting and heating units," and an outdoor shower off the bedroom wing. Last sold in 2000 for $2,375,000, it's now asking $3,595,000.

· Listing: 31 North Pasture Lane, Nantucket [J Pepper Frazier Company and Zillow]