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$41 Million Jigsaw Ranch Is One of Aspen's Biggest Sales

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The 67 acre Jigsaw Ranch on the backside of Aspen Mountain sold last week for $41 million - one of the biggest real estate deals in Aspen's history. The ranch, formerly owned by commercial real estate, hotel, and entertainment moguls and father/son pair George and Mark Rosenthal, has two separate main houses - one at 5,760 and a second at 12,247 square feet - along with a 1,200 square foot guest house, a cabin, and gatehouse. The sale was actually a combination of two, with one sale at $14 million and the second parcel of the ranch going for $27 mil, both of which the Rosenthals had put on the market in 2011 for a combined $48.5 million. Why did the Rosenthals decide to put the various pads on the market after holding them for 37 years? Apparently, they were looking for "other challenges." Namely, building a yacht. Ah, rich people problems.

Despite the spectacularly annoying Australian host, you still the idea that this place is baller. And while buyer details haven't been released, the Aspen Business Journal has surmised that the buyer, Lower and Upper Midnight LLC, has the same Greenwich, Connecticut address as an asset management firm held by David Zimmerman. We'll keep our ears to the ground (of the internet) for more info.

· 201/565 Midnight Mine Road, Aspen, CO [Coldwell Banker]
· Ranch on Aspen Mountain sells for $41 million [Aspen Daily News]