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Here Now, a Stunning City Carved From a Huge Pile of Books

For his "Library" series, currently on view in Paris, Beijing-born artist Liu Wei has taken the notion of books as bricks to the extreme, carving into the tightly stacked pages of tightly stacked schoolbooks to create some astoundingly detailed buildings. The work "translates the chaos of his native city, a city that is in a permanent state of development and which keeps reinventing itself to fill the exponential needs of its hyper-productivity," according to a release, and "waver[s] between utopia and dystopia." As My Modern Met puts it, "the result is what appears to be an old and dusty metropolis, as dated and abandoned as the material it is made out of."

As for other miniature cities created from unconventional materials, see: paper, (and more paper), fake wedding cake, moldy bread, vegetables, Jell-O, gum, cardboard, staples, Rubik's Cubes, and, of course, Legos.

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