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With Wall of Blue Hair, Google Manages to Out-Weird Itself

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In its noble pursuit to outfit each international HQ in decor that inspires collaboration, appeals to the specialties and pop culture of the area, and amuses its employees and the public alike, prolific funhouse builder Google has made a move that's weird even for Google with its Tokyo offices, designed by local firm Klein Dytham Architecture. Yes, the company that places upside-down tables on the ceiling, "Tuscan" alleyways near conference rooms, and bathtubs in the kitchen has managed to up the peculiar with long rows of Smurf-blue wigs (actually dyed carwash brushes), murals of bikini-clad Androids, Chrome-symbol wall coverings (let's just nickname that "Ode to Pokeball"), cartoon masks, and, well, the list goes on. More photos, below.

? According to Dezeen, the architects were inspired by Japanese festivals, bathhouses, fishponds and timber houses. "Google request that each of their national offices around the world reflects the unique culture of its location," writes the architects. "[Our] design for the earlier phases of the project had taken cues from the graphics of traditional Japanese fabrics and contemporary anime, but then Google requested an even more vivid evocation of Japanese culture."

? Yes, OK, the Japan influence is anything but subtle, but it's kind of hard to raise objections when the Mount Fuji mural, koi ceramic tiles, and bamboo chairs look that good.

Also inside: a virtual koi pond, a street-food stall, billiards, rice paper walls, fake grass, and gorgeous scarlet kitchen sleeved in tattoo-like murals. Take a complete tour over at the architects' official site.

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