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Come, Let the Decorators of 1957 House Beautiful Impart a Little Wisdom About Color-Coordinating

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Introducing Back Issues, a new summer series wherein Curbed raids the blissfully robust archives of House Beautiful, the grande dame of American decorating magazines, and retrieves the best bits of bygone decor. Have an old issue in the attic you'd like to share? Whip out the scanner and please, hit up tipline.

All scans courtesy of House Beautiful

If the 1957 House Beautiful is any indication, decorators of the 1950s had an ardent fervor for matching. You like pink? Great. Enjoy pink walls, pink carpeting, pink curtains, pink shams, pink bedskirts, and, you know, maybe a little green carpeting in there, just to keep things wild and crazy. Like that Asian antiquity painting? Hang it on the wall, provided of course the exact colors (in this case, gold, green, and red) are the only colors visible within a 360-degree turn—yes, that includes two wallpapers, carpeting, and sofas. Apparently the secret to a well-put-together home may just be uncompromising, impassioned color-coordination, so do check out the apotheoses of matchy-matchiness, below.

All scans courtesy of House Beautiful

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