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View Post-Apocalyptic Architecture in a Digital Dystopia

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Photos via BuzzFeed

The Last of Us, a Playstation 3 game set to be released tomorrow, "visits near-deserted cities where former upright citizens now hunger for human flesh," writes Todd Martens in an L.A. Times review, adding that "there's cringe-inducing violence and plenty of detail about the fungus that's infected the remaining population's soon-to-be-eaten brains," but the "tension here comes from an underutilized game-play tactic: conversation." Architecture fans shouldn't shrink off from the geeky gaming-babble; after all, the decaying remains of once-grand structures has proven to be haunting and eerily beautiful time and again, and The Last of Us is filled with stirring images of post-apocalyptic cities. To market the release, Sony unleashed some digitally altered photos depicting what famous English buildings might look like after humankind is wiped out, because, you know, nothing gets people to buy video games like a crumbling Buckingham Palace. Another shot, below.

Photos via BuzzFeed

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