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Proposed UK High Line May be Steampunkiest High Line Yet

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In yet another attempt to copy the success of NYC's High Line, a strip of elevated park carved from nearly a mile and a half of abandoned elevated railroad, the Royal Institute of British Architects held a contest to find the best iteration for London—a totally separate project from the city's other pseudo High Line, the mushroom-themed subterranean park planned for a different part of town. The local firm Erect Architecture won the bid, and the renderings for its Promenade of Curiosities are, well, crazy pants curious.

Inspired by Victorian-era amusement parks and curiosity cabinets—collections of bones and jarred specimens made popular by a 17th-century botanist/collector buried at one end of the promenade—the architects proposed rain gardens, oddly pruned trees, and, lest we forget, cats in double-breasted chef coats, rams in three-piece suits, crystal balls, Victorian bicycles (cabinets of curiosity were, after all, precursors to steampunk), men with elephant heads, and women dressed as horses. It's all in the renderings:

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