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Finally, at Long Last, Ikea Introduces Dollhouse Furniture

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Swedish furnishings giant Ikea has just unleashed a brand-spanking-new line of dollhouse wares, tiny versions of their most popular products, including EXPEDIT shelves, the VAGO chair, the LACK table, and, of course, the KLIPPAN sofa. The entire Huset living room setup, made of 1:15 scale replicas, will be available for about $19 starting in August. And don't worry, flat-packed fearers, the Lilliputian furnishings come pre-assembled; after all, even regular-sized hex wrenches cause enough trouble.

Not too long ago, Ikea was promoting their furnishings via ads with over-sized toys, so toy-sized furniture is only the logical step, right? More likely, the retailer realized that there was a solid market and a widespread need—thanks to the recent influx in stunning, stylish dollhouses—for good-looking miniature furnishings, and, as the world-dominating company is wont to do, decided to hop on the gravy train. "Our research has shown that lots of kids want to create doll's houses for their toys that reflect their own homes—furnished in a more modern style, with plenty of space to store all the accessories, of course," Ikea exec Carol McSeveney told the Evening Telegraph. What's next? Mini meatballs and lingonberries? Tiny Ikea towns? One can dream.

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