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Frank Luntz's Funhouse is the Ultimate Politico Dream Home

What kind of decor does a famous political consultant and pollster cultivate? Well, if famed GOP strategist Frank Luntz's pad in Brentwood, Calif., showcased recently over at Los Angeles Magazine, is any indication, there's bound to be a Winston Churchill statue, a slew of pop-art portraits of famous Americans, a bronzed Benjamin Franklin, and (duh) a "secret playground" with a pool table once owned by Ulysses S. Grant, plus virtual golf, a bowling alley, and a "wall-length 'newsstand' of magazines that span 20th-century history." Sounds a little over-the-top, yes, but it's something for political scientists to salivate over, and, to be fair, the place is used pretty much exclusively for fundraisers and other "political get-togethers."

· All the Presidents' Man [L.A. Mag via Curbed LA]