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Five Hunting Estates Suited for Deep-Pocketed Outdoorsmen

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Rather than pay thousands of dollars to hunt on one of the world's private game reserves—and thousands more for bagging the rare game—some frequent hunters with the means may choose to secure some private hunting grounds. The Double X Ranch, near Steamboat Springs, Colo., is a good place to start. The exceptionally beautiful 2,300-acre property is home to a variety of of big game—"trophy-caliber elk, mule deer, antelope and black bear," according to the listing—but skimps on creature comforts. The only shelter currently constructed on the giant property is a two-bedroom cottage with wood paneled walls and a "man cave" aesthetic. Given that the ranch is asking $6.325M and sits just a half hour from Steamboat Springs, a mansion is probably in order as soon as this property finds a buyer.

? The lack of a grand home is decidedly not the problem at this 2,500-acre hunting estate in the Andelucia region of Spain. Though it looks much older, the white-walled 32,000-square-foot compound was actually built in the 1970s by, Fernando Chueca Goitia, the architect of the La Almudena cathedral in Madrid. The estate, complete with horse stables, orchards, a swimming pool, and 25 bedrooms, is listed for an undisclosed—and undoubtedly astronomical—price.

? This 7,000-acre spread in the highlands of New Zealand isn't short on gorgeous vistas or generous stocks of deer and chamois, but it is lacking in habitable structures. Bordering a pair of clear alpine lakes and set between two national parks, the property also includes the 4,500-foot Isthmus Peak. The only trouble might be the challenge of building roads and buildings to service the remote parcel, that and the unknown listing price.

? The Southern Hemisphere delivers another stunning property in this game farm in the semi-arid Klein Karoo region of South Africa, this time with a house in place, albeit a bunker-like version. Listed for $1.52M, the game farm includes some 7,000 acres and is stocked with "40 zebras, 10 red hartebeest, 40 eland, 30 kudu, 10 gemsbok," plus "some springbok, leopard, steenbok, duikers and klipspringers."

? By comparison, the Texan game farm of Ney Ranch doesn't seem like much of a deal. Listed for nearly $3M, the 884-acre ranch boasts a beautiful 90-acre lake, four fenced plots for game, and picturesque rolling hills. Unfortunately, the land is all that's included with the list price, save for a "old wood frame cabin, a metal utility shed," and roads that are described as in "fair condition." That means any buyer will have to set aside some serious money to build a livable home and improve the access.

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