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Accused Seat Slasher Calls Schweitzer "Law Breaking Cowards"

Remember this guy? Former physician David Markwardt was accused of an odd form of vandalism this summer when Schweitzer Mountain Resort sued him for allegedly slashing 62 ski lift seat cushions over the course of two seasons and causing $62,000 in damage (turns out that number was actually closer to $9K). The mountain's seeking damages as well as an injunction that would forbid Markwardt from being on any resort property other than his two slopeside condos and the parking lot.

More recently, the Bonner County Daily Bee has reported that the defendant has denied allegations about his vandalism charges, claiming that the lawsuit was a "vendetta" against him for filing complaints about the resort for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. Markwardt is a Vietnam veteran with unspecified service-related injuries. When the feds investigated the complaint, they ultimately found the resort to be in compliance, although they did have to widen one handicap parking space. "The ruling was favorable to Schweitzer," said Schweitzer CEO Tom Chasse. "He just won't let it go." Markwardt is claiming that the resort, which he considers a bunch of "law breaking cowards," retaliated by removing his two condos from the rental pool, and then damaging his condos and possessions. Sounds like a call to Judge Judy is in order...

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