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Snowcat Included In This Sun Valley Getaway Cabin!

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As that Southwest commercial says, "Wanna get away?" If that's your case due to a rough divorce, demanding job, or intolerance of neighbors, this remote 1,050 square foot cabin near Sun Valley could be yours for only $229,000. In fact, it's so remote, it's only accesible by snowcat in the winter - and the snowcat is included. That's right, not only does this refurbished and refinished two bed, one bath have a new well and septic and the ability to turn the heaters on over the phone, it comes with your very own 1993 Bombardier snow cat. While the master bedroom might need some new wallpaper (or preferably no wallpaper at all), at least the in-laws can't physically get to the house to complain about it...

· 231 Boulder View Road, Ketchum, ID [Sun Valley Real Estate, Inc.]