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Here's Charles Eames' Marriage Proposal Letter to Ray

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Brainpickings has unearthed a midcentury relic as awesome as any: the marriage proposal letter Charles Eames gave to Ray Kaiser in 1941. Both students at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, in Michigan, the pair married later that year and forged a partnership that gave rise to some of the most significant designs in American history, from molded-plastic chairs to modern houses and pretty much everything in between. "And while extraordinary love letters generally have an ineffable and enduring appeal," writes Brainpicker's Maria Popova, "there's something particularly mesmerizing about epistles exchanged by two people who are partners in every possible sense of the word and whose romantic relationship is also a creative collaboration." In that spirit, here's a look at the full letter:

It reads:

"Dear Miss Kaiser, I am 34 (almost) years old, singel (again) and broke. I love you very much and would like to marry you very very soon.* I cannot promise to support us very well. — but if given the chance I'll shure in hell try –

*soon means very soon.

What is the size of this finger??

as soon as I get to that hospital I will write "reams" well little ones.

love xxxxxxxxxx


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