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No Pot Shop Neon; No Certificate of Occupancy in Truro; More!

MASSACHUSETTS - The powers that be are still working out the medical marijuana guidelines, but so far: "The rules will emphasize that to prescribe marijuana, a doctor must be involved in a patient's continuing care, thus avoiding the pot equivalent of "pill mills." Signs will need to be low-key, not neon. Edible marijuana will be allowed, but cannot be marketed in candy-like forms alluring to children." How the not-so-alluring brown log shape of most candy bars fits into those rules, we don't know. [WBUR]

EDGARTOWN - The gray seal population on the Cape and Islands is now estimated at 15,000, give or take a pup or two. "The seals have been blamed for depleting fishing stocks, attracting great white sharks, negatively affecting recreational fishing, and causing high fecal counts on the beach." Plus, the seals are getting used to human interaction and according to scientists, that's not a good thing. Likewise, human behavior is not always at its best when in the company of flippers: "In May, a bunch of apparent drunks in a pickup truck in Edgartown thought they were helping a seal by dragging it back into the water." They weren't. [Boston Globe]

TRURO - Construction began on a 8,333 square foot concrete and glass residence overlooking Cape Cod Bay in 2008, but the house drama continues, leaving the property in limbo and without a certificate of occupancy. Lawsuits filed that same year by neighbors against the owner and the town resulted in revoked building permits. Fast forward to 2013 and "A Massachusetts Land Court judge could rule by the end of next week on whether Andrea Kline can stay in her house on Stephens Way for the summer." [Cape Cod Times]