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Here's A Creepy Room Built By Algorithms and 3D Printing

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Remember that physicist-turned-web developer who creates digital architecture using fractals, basically incessantly repeating algorithms? Well Zurich-based programmers-cum-architects Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer are one-upping him in a big way. That room, above? Or, rather, the thing that looks like a Rococo cathedral made of candlewax and designed by aliens? That was also largely crafted by fractals, though Digital Grotesque, as the project is called, is slated to be an actual, full-sized room, made possible by—what else?—3D printing, the voguish construction method that's apparently just right for conjuring bizarre, otherworldly structures.

Dillenburger and Hansmeyer just previewed a 1:3 scale of the project in Tokyo, but the full-scale sandstone room—creepy bulges, folds, faceting, and all—is slated to be unveiled July 22.

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