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Google Goes Ultra-Subtle, Yet Again, With Dublin Office

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Google, the world-dominating tech giant and prolific purveyor of circus-like offices—walls of Marge Simpson wigs, fake orange orchards—is wrapping up an overhaul of its HQ in Dublin, Ireland, a sweeping, four-building empire whose interiors, perhaps taking cues from the London offices, are dominated by oversized sculptures that make the space look like the company's primary-colored homepage. Designed by Swiss design firm Camenzind Evolution, this office, reason No. 2,470 why it would be awesome to work for Google, has room for video games, billiards tables, and a music room for impromptu jam sessions. Have a look, below.

? A communication hub on the "Have Fun" floor.

? The music room on the "Irish Music" floor—yes, apparently that's a thing.

? An under-the-sea themed "microkitchen."

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