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Watch Andrew Whiteford Fly Down Teton Pass' "Fuzzy Bunny" Trail

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We got any mountain bikers in the audience? Chances are a couple of you are thinking of those big mountains around Vail, Crested Butte, Lake Tahoe, or Whistler and mind-riding their epic singletrack trails that are now free of winter's snow. Jackson Hole is no exception, and locals there do a thorough job of building some incredible downhill trails off of Teton Pass, where legions of backcountry skiers and snowboarders flock to during the snowier half of the year. Here local pro skier and pro mountain biker Andrew Whiteford takes on one of the more infamous Teton Pass trails, Fuzzy Bunny, at a speed we could only ever see ourselves going in a dream... or maybe a nightmare.

Teto Pass

Teton Pass Highway & Moose Wilson Road, Wilson, WY